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A meditation what? Is my living room sofa not a good enough meditation medium? What difference does the dining chair have with the so-called meditation chair? Will it put me in a trance to speed up relaxation? Well, a meditation chair does not possess any special powers that can put you under a spell. It may not even differ much, physically, from some of the chairs in your house. A meditation chair can help improve your capability of keeping focused during your meditation session by letting you have a more comfortable position than sitting on the floor. Tough deal, the sofa gives me that too.

Actually, using a meditation chair will give you more benefits than sitting on the floor or using a regular chair. Why? Because during a meditation session, your body should be in harmony with your mind. It demands you to stay focus and uncomfortable position should not interfere with the meditation process. To achieve our goals in the meditation process, the most important thing is to be most comfortable, so staying focused won’t be a problem. Sitting in a particular position for some time is in a regular chair is bound to result to cramps and can interfere with your meditation process. Specially designed chair for meditation purposes claim to mold the body unlike regular chairs to prevent cramps and to provide the utmost relaxation.

The ergonomic design of a meditation chair prevents one from slouching during intense moments of meditation through its slightly forward angle, no more so that necessary, to prevent overarching as well. Purchasing a meditation chair should be based according to your height and weight.

A specific kind of meditation chair is the Seagrass Meditation Chair. Its design was brought about by the need to provide those meditating, a more comfortable sitting device. This particular meditation chair was conceptualized by a meditation practitioner who felt that the lotus position of sitting down does not enhance one’s focus during meditation. This low profile meditation chair enables the legs to rest in a more natural position. Crossing the feet or ankles on the floor or pulling them up on the chair will still give you a relaxed feeling. Back support is not a problem as well. This sitting device makes the back of the chair provide support too.

Another interesting meditation chair design is the Tilt Seat. Considered as a “kneeling” chair, Tilt Seat however, does not out pressure on the knees and can be alternatively used as a study table because it is angled in a way as not to strain the neck when reading or when seating on a cushion on the floor.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on a meditation chair or none at all. When meditating, what’s most important is that you are not straining any part of your body needed to focus well.

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