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Detoxification – Key to Good Health

Almost everyone is familiar with the phrase detoxification—or detoxing—but many don’t really understand how vital this process is to your health. Here are some basic points you should know:

To simplify, detoxification is the process of your body cleaning out any substances that aren’t needed or shouldn’t be in your body. And in today’s world, the incidence of exposure to unneeded or unwanted substances is substantial. Air and water pollution; pervasive chemical use; insecticides, pesticides, and antibiotics in our food; excessive use of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, various drugs and medicines—there is little doubt that we are all exposed to many things that are to some degree toxic to our bodies.

So what takes place within your body that makes this such an important health issue? Physically, you maintain a healthy condition when your system gets adequate exercise, fresh water and nourishment. When unnecessary substances “invade” the body, they must be collected and removed. If the volume of toxins is too high (more than your body can handle), these substances will be stored in your body. This opens the door to illness and degenerative diseases.

Signs of toxicity include headaches, constipation, bloating, fatigue, and skin conditions (rashes, etc.), to name a few. To cleanse your body of toxins and wastes requires more than regular bathroom visits—your body relies on the liver, kidneys, skin, lymphatic and circulation systems working in harmony to keep your system clean and functioning properly. For instance, your skin disposes of many toxins through perspiration, and your liver removes wastes from the blood. If your digestive system is sluggish, the waste putrefies and creates toxins that can be recirculated within your body.

One of massage’s greatest benefits is its contribution to the detoxification process. While massage is improving your circulation, increasing your flow of lymph, and encouraging all your various systems into more efficient operation, it is helping your body toward more effective elimination of toxins and waste.

In her book Purify Your Body, Nina L. Diamond has this to say about massage: “Research has shown that bodywork treatments strengthen your body’s immune system, enabling you to resist and combat disease… By directly stimulating your body’s systems, all forms of massage and bodywork are valuable tools for literally helping your body clear its toxins and toxic accumulation of your body’s natural substances.”

So while you’re enjoying your next massage session, you can appreciate this added health benefit!

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