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Make Time for Massage

This can be one of the busiest times of the year for most people. Already full schedules become further taxed with the demands of the season. Just when you most need your highest energy levels and your health, you get the challenge of more stressful days. Could there be a better time to get a …

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How’s Your Posture

What’s Your Posture Telling You? When most people hear the term posture, they remember being told to stand or sit up straight when they were kids. This article is not an effort to have you stand rigidly, just a look at how we hold our bodies and what it can tell us. Posture comes from …

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Wonderful Water

Exactly how important is adequate water to your health and well-being? Much more so than most of us realize, considering that approximately 3 out of 4 people are inadequately hydrated. Take a few minutes to learn a few facts that just may have a major impact on your life. In his book, Your Body’s Many …

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What makes muscles ache?

With your body having more than 600 muscles that comprise about 40% of your body weight (closer to 30% for women), it’s no wonder you feel the effects of exertion and exercise. You can appreciate why it makes good sense to properly care for your muscles. When muscle aches are experienced during strenuous exercise (that …

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